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Ultrasafe’s Services Include:

Security Project Management

Have you just received the responsibility for managing a large security project and have no time or talent to manage it? Ultrasafe’s Project Management Team is ready to handle any security project “from cradle to grave”. Our services include (but aren’t limited to) RFP, RFI, RFQ response management, presentations, project design, implementation, quality assurance testing and training.

Consulting & Site Surveys

Ultrasafe’s team of “Board Certified” specialists can give any organization a comprehensive overview of their security vulnerabilities, and other factors involving the process of the business and workplace environment.

Our multi-media surveys can be as brief as a covert visit to focus on specific areas, or as comprehensive multi-facility evaluation that will look at all process from the fron gate to the computer room. Call to see where we can fit into your operation.

Dynamic Digital Video Surveillance Systems

Ultrasafe features “cutting-edge” technology in the incorporation of new dynamic digital video surveillance system into your operation.

Our specialists can enhance your existing surveillance system with a digital system, or build a new system from the ground up.

Wireless Video Surveillance

Ultrasafe is a leading installer of long range wireless video transmission. Our transmitters, that can go as far as ten miles (line of sight) operate more efficiently at times than some of the best wired systems of similar distance. The cost-savings of running wireless versus saw-cutting, patching and trenching is significant on installations of all sizes.

Infrared Illuminators

Darkness? No problem. With another cutting-edge line of video illuminators, Ultrasafe can turn a dark street or runway into a fully lighted and recognizable zone.

Security Systems


Ultrasafe’s Commercial Installation Division is standing by to install a state of the art security system at your business. Our client base ranges from day car centers to storage facilities and airports. No job is too large or too small for our trained technicians.


While the Ultrasafe Commercial Division is ready for you business, the Residential Division is prepared to use state of the art technology to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Retail Shopping Service

After the doors are locked and the cameras are installed, there is one other factor that many companies overlook—their employees. Ultrasafe has a portfolio of trained personnel who have the ability to perform “secret shopper” evaluations at a wide range of retail establishments. The specific emphasis is customer service and awareness, but our agents have been trained to manipulate the system in order to obtain goods for free, or for a lower price. They will also attempt to get a “discount” by paying cash or by making a “sweetheart deal” if certain personnel have been pointed out as potential targets.

 Security Integration

“Security Integration” is the latest “buzz” word tossed around in the security community. It essentially means that one company should have the ability to install a comprehensive holistic security solution to any corporation’s needs. Ultrasafe’s experience and satisfied customers prove that we have met the challenge of being a “one stop shop” that can deliver a “turnkey” product.

Emergency Alert Systems

Ultrasafe is also a leader in the installation of integrated alert systems that connect specified activities to your corporate radio system.

Fire/Life-Safety Systems

Ultrasafe has been involved in dozens of installations where fire alarm systems are required to be connected to the sprinkler and elevator systems. Our experienced technicians know the plan approval process and the special needs of the Fire and Elevator Inspectors, and have been successful time and time again.

Wireless Wide Area Access Control

Web-hosted solution that is cost-effective, flexible and easy-to-manage. Ideally suited for multi-site installations, Brivo ACS is a turnkey, managed and hosted service that is fully customizable to meet the needs of each customer. Simply put, Brivo is accessible access control.

Security Management Software

Security Management Software for Incident Reporting, Incident Tracking, Incident Management, Investigation Management, Case Management, Dispatching, Guard Tour, Activity Tracking.

Digital Video for Public Safety Services

Mobile surveillance technology for any mobile application. Reliable, affordable, and maintenance free

Explosive Detection K-9’s , and others

Ultrasafe has the capability of providing up to six explosives (and bullets/guns) detection K-9s for any corporate or community search need. We also have the capability of providing dogs that specialize in other areas such as drugs, alcohol, cadavers and lost personnel searching.

Lecture Services

Ron Lander has been requested to speak on security issues from all parts of the worl including Prague, Amsterdam and Lima. His multi-media presentations have continuously been lauded as innovative and state of the art material. He is available to lecture on several security issues, depending on the audience.

Training Services

Ultrasafe’s Training Division stands ready to give training in a mayriad of areas from “computer security” to “Security Awareness”. Training can be conducted at your site or an off-site venue.